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Dolls of the 1950s

Explore all of the favorite dolls from the 1950s--Ginny, Saucy Walker, Miss Revlon, Little Miss Revlon, Terri Lee, Muffy, Betsy McCall, Madame Alexander, Ideal, baby dolls and more.
  1. Ginny Dolls: From Vinta...

Vintage Ginny Photo Gallery
Photos of Vintage 1950s Ginnys.  From your About.com Guide.

Ginny: All-American Sweetheart
Find out why Vogue's Ginny is so enduring and why vintage Ginny is so hotly sought-after! From your About.com Guide.

Betsy McCall Grows Up With Us
Super collector site with large amount of Betsy McCall information.

Carolyn's Rock and Roll Ginny Dolls
Great site on 1950s Ginny, Muffie and Ginger Dolls. Excellent photos of the dolls and the 1950s eras.

Daisy Chain
Newsletter devoted to Terri Lee dolls.

Jill Dolls
Devoted to the popular 1950s fashion doll Jill, by Vogue.

Kaylee's Corner:  Favorite Dolls of the Fifties
From Ginny to Miss Revlon to Sweet Sue, they're all here!  Nice Gallery.

Lisa Sheets Dolls of the 1950s
Collector site focusing on Miss Revlons.

My Favorite Ginnies
Ginnys from the collection of Jayne Best; from Jayne's Doll Closet.

Rosalee's Terri Lee Doll Hospital
Excellent site devoted to Terri Lee; specializing in Terri Lee restorations.

Small Walking Dolls of the 1950s
Excellent site for identification of small, 8" hard plastic Ginny look-alike dolls.  Site does try to make you download Flash 4.0, which is annoying, but site is worth it and you can refuse the download.

Tiny Town Dolls
Small, metal-footed dolls from 1949-1950s are showcased on this collectors page, plus other metal-footed dolls from the early to mid-20th century.

Tracey's Doll Page
Great pictures from a vintage Ginny collection

ValsWorld; A Collectible Doll Page
Top quality, warm site which showcases a collection of 50s and 60s dolls including Dollikins, Miss Revlon, Madame Alexander, Ginny and Barbie.

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