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Vinyl, six inches tall, dressed in original outfits including shoes. Generally $10 to $20 each. More for rarer outfits and styles and dolls in mint condition.
Dawn Dolls

Dawn Dolls

Denise Van Patten
Dawn dolls were made by Topper Toys and introduced in 1970 and produced through the early 1970s. Later, Checkerboard Toys re-introduced the dolls and produced both reproductions and new Dawn Dolls for children, in the early 2000s. The first dolls released by Topper Toys were Dawn (blonde doll and the namesake to the line) and her friends Angie (black hair) Gloria (red hair) and Dale (black hair and African American). All the dolls were just over 6" in height. The initial line included 44 outfits, packaged the same way that Barbie outfits had been packaged in the 1960s--sewn to a card so that each piece of the outfit could be seen at once. Besides outfits, play sets produced included Dawn cars, fashion stages, sofa-and-phone sets, apartment furniture, beauty parlors and more. Outfts included long, luxurious gowns and short, sassy mini dresses.

The most valuable Dawn Dolls are those never removed from their original packages and rarer varieties.

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