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Tyler Wentworth Radical Red

Tyler Wentworth Radical Red

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Tyler Wentworth - An Introduction:

Tyler Wentworth is a very popular, modern 16" fashion doll. She was created by Robert Tonner, a well-known American doll designer, and, unlike Barbie with her fancy boxes and graphics, Tyler Wentworth, from the start, was meant to be unboxed and played with. She has many separate outfits, separates and accessories available, as well as clothing trunks and furniture. Her clothing is made from finest fabrics--silks, taffetas, linens and cashmeres.

Tyler Wentworth Dolls - Years of Production:

The first Tyler Wentworth doll was sold in 1999, and she is still in production today. New dolls, clothing and accessories are released to the public each Spring and Fall, with the Spring line generally being larger.

Company That Produces Tyler Wentworth Dolls:

Tonner Dolls, Inc. produces Tyler Wentworth Dolls. The company has its design and business offices located in Hurley, New York, although production of the dolls occurs in China.

Material, Characteristics and Size of Tyler Wentworth Dolls:

Tyler Wentworth dolls are 16" in height, and are made of high-quality hard vinyl. They have painted features and rooted hair. The jointing of the dolls varies from the earliest dolls which were jointed only at the neck, shoulders and hips, to the latest Tyler Wentworth dolls which are jointed additionally at the elbows, knees, rib cage and (for some dolls) wrists.

Clothing, Furniture, Accessories for Tyler Wentworth Dolls:

To fully appreciate and enjoy Tyler Wentworth, she has a large array of clothing, accessories and furniture that also must be considered. She is available as a Basic Doll, sold in a simple skirt and blouse or lingerie, ready to dress. She is also available as a dressed doll, pre-dressed in a limited edition outfit. Tyler Wentworth also has co-ordinated outfits, Tyler Wentworth Boutique items (clothing separates, shoes, purses, etc. sold separately) and also furniture--a bed, armoire, chair, etc.

Prices and Secondary Market For Tyler Wentworth Dolls:

Tyler Wentworth is almost too new a doll to have developed a true secondary market. However, sought-after dolls and outfits can bring high prices on eBay. Certain special event dolls and exclusives for particular stores are favored by collectors.

More about Tyler Wentworth Dolls:

Gene by Ashton Drake was the first widely distributed modern 16" fashion doll, first produced in 1995. After Gene, many 16" fashion dolls were created for collectors, including Alexandra Fairchild Ford by Madame Alexander, Brenda Starr by Effanbee, Willow and Daisy by Knickerbocker, and Tyler Wentworth. Of all of these, Tyler has been the most successful, with a continually growing line of dolls, clothing and characters (including Matt O'Neill, her boyfriend, Marley Wentworth, her little sister, Sydney Chase, Mei Li, Carrie, Esme, and others). Some collectors collect Tyler for display or play, many sew for her, and others repaint and remake Tyler into something totally new.

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