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Penny Brite Doll by Deluxe Reading

Penny Brite Doll by Deluxe Reading

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Penny Brite - Years of Production:

1963-1970 (although production had dropped off dramatically by 1970, which was just prior to Deluxe Reading's bankruptcy in 1971).

Size of Penny Brite:

Penny Brite is 8 inches tall.

Material and Characteristics of Penny Brite Dolls:

Vinyl. Doll is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Doll has painted eyes and rooted light brown hair. Deluxe Reading was active from 1951 to 1970, when changing consumer tastes in toys led to its bankruptcy.

Company That Produced Penny Brite:

Deluxe Reading Corporation, also known as Deluxe Topper and Topper Toys.

Penny Brite Dolls - Further Information:

Penny Brite was a dream for mothers looking for a fashion doll for their daughters in the early and mid 1960s that didn't have the adult look and form of the Barbie Dolls. Penny was a child fashion doll, with a nice selection of clothing, accessories and playsets available. The outfits were nicely made (if not as fashionable as Barbie or Skipper outfits) and they came with adorable accessories like phones and straw purses.

Playsets available for Penny Brite included a Bedroom, Kitchen, Schoolroom and a Beauty Parlour. Outfits included Chit Chat, Singing in the Rain, Flower Girl, Winter Princess and Sun and Fun.

Penny never gained the popularity of Barbie or even Tammy by Ideal, but she survived on the market for many years as an alternative fashion doll, and she is remembered fondly by many baby boomers who played with her in the 1960s. Penny is affordable to collect today because many dolls were still in stock (really, overstocked) when Deluxe Reading went bankrupt in 1970, and so many mint dolls and NRFB outfits still exist today.

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