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Lilddle Kiddle Doll, Autodiddle Kiddle

Lilddle Kiddle Doll, Autodiddle Kiddle

Random House, Inc.

Liddle Kiddles:

These dolls are tiny--hence their charm and their name! Most Liddle Kiddles range in size from 2 3/4" to 4", although certain Kiddles as small as 1" were made (such as Liddle Kiddles sized to be worn in a ring!).

Company That Produced Liddle Kiddles:

Liddle Kiddles were produced by Mattel. However, many companies including Hasbro made Liddle Kiddle clones (dolls which copied the concept) to cash in on the tiny doll craze which Liddle Kiddles caused in the late 1960s.

Liddle Kiddles - Years of Production:

Liddle Kiddles were produced from 1966 to 1971.

Materials and Characteristics of Liddle Kiddles:

The dolls were made of vinyl. Despite their tiny size, they had rooted hair and most had jointed limbs and tiny, separate shoes. Most "cloned" Liddle Kiddles did not have separate shoes.

Prices and Secondary Market for Liddle Kiddles:

The secondary market for Liddle Kiddles which are mint with all their original clothing and accessories OR for MIB and NRFB Liddle Kiddles is strong, with rarer Kiddles easily bringing several hundred dollars on eBay or from dealers. Played with Kiddles without clothing or accessories can easily be found for under $20.

Marks on Liddle Kiddles:

Genuine Liddle Kiddles are marked with "MATTEL" and Hong Kong or Japan and a copyright date either under the clothing on the back OR right under the hairline.

More About Liddle Kiddles:

Kiddles were a fantastic, and at the time, completely new concept which has been much copied since (can you say Polly Pockets?). Liddle Kiddles had their own world--each doll came with adorable accessories, and a particular, rhyming Liddle Kiddle Name (like Freezy Sliddle Liddle Kiddle or Autodiddle Kiddle).

The Kiddle had their heyday in the late 1960s. Many little girls during that time had several Liddle Kiddles to their names. The Kiddles could be worn (Lucky Locket Kiddles) sniffed (Kola Kiddles and Kiddle Kolognes) and even shot into outer space (well, figuratively, with Kosmic Kiddles). They had a strong 5-year run in the hearts of little girls, but changing tastes in the early 1970s (and financial troubles at Mattel, which had problems with the declining popularity of Barbie at that time) led to their demise.

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