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Effanbee Dolls - All About Effanbee Dolls

Original Patsy Ann

Denise Van Patten

About Effanbee Dolls:

Effanbee Dolls were a fixture of the 20th century. Effanbee Dolls started production of dolls in 1912, right at the beginning of the era of composition dolls. The company had great success with its composition creations, most notably Patsy and her family of dolls. Later dolls were made in hard plastic and vinyl, and the company has had a series of owners since and is currently owned by Tonner Dolls.

Founders and Years of Production of Effanbee Dolls:

Effanbee Dolls was founded by Bernard Fleischaker and Hugo Baum. Effanbee Dolls have been in nearly continuous production since 1912 through to today, although the company has had a series of owners (and has faced a a few financial hurdles and bankruptcies) which caused a few small gaps in doll production.

Dolls That Have Been Produced By Effanbee Dolls:

Well-known dolls that have been produced by Effanbee Dolls include Patsy, Patsyette, Skipy, Dy-Dee Baby, Tintair, Little Lady, Ann Shirley, American Children by Dewees Cohcran, Brenda Starr and many others. Betsy McCall is being produced by Effanbee Dolls starting in 2008, as is Tiny Kitty Collier.

Sizes of Effanbee Dolls:

Effanbee dolls have ranged in size from about 6 inches (wee patsy) up to approximately 28 inches for some very large Mama Dolls and Baby Dolls.

Materials Used:

Since Effanbee Dolls have spanned nearly 100 years, materials used to make Effanbee dolls have included composition, rubber (Dy-Dee Baby), hard plastic, and vinyl.

Prices And Secondary Market For Effanbee Dolls:

Effanbee Dolls are not in a particularly hot market right now; however, pre-1960 vintage Effanbee dolls in mint, original condition with original clothing are still highly sought after. Dolls such as mint, complete, original Honey dolls or mint, original early composition dolls can sell for well over $500. The vast majority of Effanbee vinyl dolls from the 1970s and 1980s sell under their original cost. The Tonner Dolls era Effanbee Dolls generally hold their retail value and rarer items can sell at a premium.

Current Owner of Effanbee Dolls:

Tonner Dolls purchased Effanbee Dolls out of bankruptcy in 2002 and has re-vitalized the company with production of high-quality reproductions of dolls originally be Effanbee (Dy-Dee Baby), a new line of Brenda Starr dolls, and even reproductions from other well-known vintage doll companies (Toni by Ideal). Tonner Dolls has also added new dolls to the Effanbee line-up, including Fancy Nancy and their own Tiny Kitty Collier.
Dolls From The Effanbee Dolls Era
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