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Glossary of Doll Collecting Terms -- Ball Jointed


Definition: For modern dolls, a ball-jointed doll is a doll generally made in Japan or South Korea (although also made in the United States and China) that features ball joints. Ball joints are joints using a round ball-like mechanism that allows the dolls a full range of movement. The first dolls considered ball-jointed dolls were very realistic with an anime look and feel, although today there are also child dolls and other styles of dolls that are considered ball-jointed dolls. The vast majority of ball-jointed dolls are made of resin, although some are made in vinyl. Nearly all are highly customizable by their owners (eyes, limbs, wigs and more can be customized; in fact many might argue that a doll that is not easily and highly customizable is not a ball-jointed doll).

In antique doll usage, ball joints are a common method of jointing composition bodies; uses little wood "balls" at joints for movement.

Also Known As: BJDs
Alternate Spellings: ball-jointed
Jenny was very excited about her new Super Dolfie ball-jointed doll that she bought on eBay.

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