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Top 10 Barbie Doll Collecting Resources


Barbie dolls have been made for nearly 50 years, and the amount of information available about Barbie dolls and Barbie doll collecting can seem overwhelming, whether you have been collecting Barbie dolls for decades or days. Here are my Top 10 Barbie Doll Collecting resources to help you find the information that you need to know about Barbie dolls.

1. Barbie Doll Profile

All the basics about Barbie. You'll find her past, present and future here, plus what makes her so collectible.

2. Mattel Company Profile

Mattel, Inc. is the genious company behind the creation and popularity of Barbie. Learn about the company Mattel, Inc. and its founders here.

3. Vintage Barbie Photo Gallery

The Vintage Barbie Gallery includes beautiful photos of Barbie dolls and Barbie clothes from 1959 through 1972, the golden era of Barbie dolls.

4. Vintage Ponytail Barbie Identification Guide

If you have a Vintage Ponytail Barbie, it can be very hard to know which doll you have, and whether it is worth hundreds of dollars or thousands. Get the details you'll need for identifying your Vintage Ponydtail Barbie dolls here.

5. Barbie Doll Colleclting Terminology

If you want to collect Barbie, you'll have to know the lingo. Get the definitions to Barbie terminology so you'll sound like an old collecting pro in our Barbie Doll Collecting Terminology.

6. TIps for Barbie Doll Restoration

Sometimes, Barbie needs a little sprucing up. Get tips and tricks from Barbie experts in Tips for Barbie Doll Restoration.

7. How to Grade a Barbie's Condition

If you collect Barbie dolls, either Vintage or Modern, you may come across the Barbie Doll Grading system when you buy or sell the dolls. Find out how to grade a Barbie doll's condition here.

8. Vintage Barbie Price Guide

Prices and photos for Vintage Barbie dolls.

9. Modern Barbie Price Guide

Prices and photos for Modern Barbie dolls.

10. Ken Doll Profile

The man behind the woman; you won't truly know Barbie until you know Ken, too. Find out all about Ken in our Ken Doll Profile.

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