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35th Anniversary Reproduction Barbie Doll

Produced in 1994


Current Market Value: $29.99
35th Anniversary Reproduction Barbie Doll
Many collectors cite the 35th Anniversary Barbie doll as the doll that almost single-handedly created the Barbie doll collecting craze in the mid 1990s. Released when many of the children who had the original Ponytail Barbie doll (which this doll is a reproduction of) reached the prime collecting years of middle age, she was the perfect doll to bring many of those women into the hobby of Barbie doll collecting. At the time of release, the brunette version of the doll was rumoured to be rarer, but both the blonde and brunette versions of the doll bring the same price on the secondary market today. The earliest release of this doll had curved eyebrows instead of arched eyebrows, which is incorrect and which was corrected in subsequent releases. the cured brow doll is rarer.
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