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Generations of Dreams Barbie Doll

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Generations of Dreams Barbie Doll

Generations of Dreams Barbie Doll

Denise Van Patten

The Bottom Line

This doll is my favorite of the dolls released to celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary in 2009. The gown is stunning and the patchwork of Barbie artwork, images and logos is original in presentation and visually appealing. The pink tulle underskirt on the gown is perfect for a doll celebrating Barbie and her history.
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  • Gorgeous gown features iconic Barbie images.
  • Box of mostly clear panels is nice for display.
  • The doll celebrates Barbie's 50th Anniversary without being a vintage reproduction.


  • Left arm has an unnatural pose.
  • Original sequins planned for the doll's bodice were replaced with glitter.


  • Generations of Dreams Barbie has a suggested retail of approximately $59.95
  • Doll was released in June 2009.
  • Generations of Dreams Barbie is available a a Caucasian and an African American doll.
  • Barbie artwork and images create a patchwork on the gown, surrownding an inner panel of pink tulle.
  • Caucasian doll is blonde, with open mouth.
  • Doll wears high-heeled pink sandals.
  • Barbie art from each decade since 1959 appears on the doll's gown.

Guide Review - Generations of Dreams Barbie Doll

Generations of Dreams Barbie is a richly costumed tribute to Barbie, in honor of her 50th Anniversary. As the box proclaims, the doll is the "ultimate trbute to the doll that started it all." Images used on the gown include the original black and white Barbie bathing suit, a bubblecut Barbie in Solo in the Spotlight, several of the Barbie logos used throughout the years, 1970s Barbie art and much more. Barbie art from each decade since 1959 appears on the Generation of Dreams. The doll has been designed by famed Barbie designer Robert Best.

The Caucasian version of the doll (which was used for this review) has dramatic blue eyes lined in black and highlighted with blue eyeshadow and long blonde hair, pulled back and ending in large curls at the bottom. The doll has one straight arm and one arm bent at the elbow resting on the hip, in a pose much like the Silkstone Barbie pose. The dress also has has A multi-layered pink tulle underskirt and silvery sequins which complete the presentation.

The box has the special 50th Anniversary Barbie tag tied to the outer box in gold ribbon.

There are many other dolls that have been released to honor Barbie's 50th anniversary, including a series of vintage reproduction Barbie dolls in commemorative anniversary boxes.

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