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Chat Divas Barbie Doll

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Chat Divas Barbie In Box

Chat Divas Barbie

Denise Van Patten

The Bottom Line

I was very impressed by this doll at Toy Fair and couldn't wait to buy one to try out, so I trudged to Toys R Us at Times Square in the snow the very next day! The doll didn't disappoint--at $34.95, I think it gives good value for the money. The way Barbie's head and lips move to the music is amazing (although it takes some getting used to). I loved that I could plug my iPod in and use the toy as a speaker set (which I did at the hotel) with Barbie singing along (or not) as I choose. But, I wish they would have charged $5 to $10 more for the doll and given it better sound and a workable volume control.


  • Great value for the money!
  • You can plug in your iPod.
  • Barbie's lips move to the songs...it's amazing!


  • There should be a volume control.
  • The pre-recorded tracks are a little scratchy sounding.
  • Barbie's lips move to the songs...it's creepy!


  • Chat Divas Barbie can talk on the included toy cell phone when you raise it to her ear.
  • Chat Divas Barbie will sing along to recorded tracks when you lift the microphone to her mouth.
  • Available for between $29.99 and $39.99 at mass market Barbie retailers such as Toys R Us, Target and Wal Mart.
  • Three pre-recorded (short) tracks are included.
  • Chat Divas Barbie also lip-synchs to anything on your iPod when you plug it into the plastic stereo part of the toy.
  • There is, unforunately no volume control.
  • Barbie's pre-recorded tracks could sound better; they sound scratchy. I wish the sound overall was better.
  • Chat Divas Barbie can be removed from the mini-stage so she can be dressed and played with like a regular doll.
  • Barbie's lips moves to the music and she bops her head. It's like a miniaturized anamatronic character at Disney Land!
  • Also available as Chat Divas Teresa. Batteries are included.

Guide Review - Chat Divas Barbie Doll

Barbie Chat Divas is riding a wave of dolls that incorporates electronics and technology for new play patterns. Barbie Chat Divas doll is a standard size 11 1/2" Barbie doll dressed in casual jeans, halter top and sandals. She has internal mechanisms that let her move her mouth as if she is talking or singing as well as bop her head from side to side when she is attached to a small included stage/stereo combo.

When you lift the small cell phone to Barbie's mouth, she says phrases like "Yep, Totally, its Barbie!" and "Did you Get My Message? No? Really?...Later Girl." The way she moves her mouth when talking is amazing--very realistic! When you lift the microphone to her mouth, she sings three short pre-recorded songs. My biggest disappointment with the doll is that the audio is not very good, and she sings a bit too loud so her tracks come across as scratchy-sounding and hard to understand. Since you can't adjust the volume, there is no way to fix this.

When you are done with the pre-recorded bits, you can then plug in your iPod to the stereo-stage, and Barbie will lip-synch to any song on your iPod. This is the real genius of Chat Divas. If a volume control was added and the sound a bit better, I could/would actually use this as iPod speakers on my desk (I did use it that way while in the hotel in New York). The sound is better on the iPod tracks than on Barbie's pre-recorded ones (not as loud). One glitch--sometimes, in the middle of listening to your iPod song, the doll chimes in with a phrase like "now it's time for your music."

Chat Divas Barbie is an incredible value. When I asked various people what they thought the price of the doll was, guesses ranged from $59.99 to $99.99. Actually, the doll retails for between $29.99 and $39.99! And, if you get tired of Barbie singing, you can disconnect her from the stage and play with her!

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