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2009 Holiday Barbie - A Review of the 2009 Holiday Barbie

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2009 Holiday Barbie

2009 Holiday Barbie

Mattel, Inc.

The Bottom Line

This is one of my favorite Holiday Barbie dolls in many years. Although I wasn't sure that pink would work for a holiday doll, a pink holiday doll is the perfect tribute to end Barbie's 50th Anniversary year. Further, the lovely pink netting and gorgeous pink lame fabrics used makes this doll look truly expensive. The pink rhinestones and earrings add a nice festive touch.


  • Lovely, ethereal pink gown.
  • Platinum hair.
  • Beautiful,mostly open-window box.
  • Perfect for Barbie's 50th Anniversary year.


  • Right arm is permanently stuck in hand-on-hip poose.
  • Heavy eye makeup.


  • Suggested Retail $39.99.
  • For ages 6 and up.
  • Dressed in elegant pink gown.
  • Platinum hair.
  • Part of the celebration for Barbie's 50th Anniversary year.
  • Also available as an African-American.

Guide Review - 2009 Holiday Barbie - A Review of the 2009 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie dolls have a long tradition going back to 1988, when the first Happy Holiday Barbie doll nearly single-handedly created modern Barbie doll collecting. Although the initial Happy Holiday Barbie doll series was retired in 1999, Mattel has continued a tradition of releasing a special Barbie doll for the holidays each year. Although technically not part of a series any more, each Holiday Barbie is glamorously dressed in a ballgown, and ready to delight adult collectors and girls under the tree each Christmas morning.

But this Holiday doll represents far more than just the 2009 holidays--the 2009 Holiday Barbie caps off the jubulant 50th anniversary Barbie year. As the back of the box states: "Welcome to a holiday season sparkling with joy and rosywith the glow of love! 2009 Holiday Barbie doll glitters as a reflection of an exhilarating year celebrating Barbie doll's 50th anniversary." So, naturally, the only possible theme color for this year's Holiday Barbie was pink!

I also like the window box design for this (amd most 2009 dolls)--mostly window, giving the doll center stage. I also love the African-American versiou of this doll. My only disappointment is the permanently bent right arm (I'd prefer a jointed one so the collector would have a choice of poses on display). I also think the eye-makeup is a tad heavy and I would have rather seen rooted eyelashes than such heavy painted makup

Those minor flaws aside, this is a Holiday Barbie that belongs in the collection of all modern Barbie collectors. It would also delight the casual Barbie collector as a gift.

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