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Corolle Tidoo Sorbet Bath Baby Doll

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Corolle Tidoo Sorbet Bath Baby Doll

The Bottom Line

The Corolle Tidoo Sorbet Bath Baby Doll is perfect for bath time play. The doll has a water-repelling, washable body which actually floats in water, plus eyes that open and close and are water tight. The doll can also be played with outside of the water--she comes in a brightly-colored play romper and hat, with a bath duck toy and binkie. Additional baby play accessories and outfits are available. At 12 inches tall, the doll is perfect for little hands but may be too small for older children who can handle a heavier baby doll.
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  • Perfect for Bath Time Play
  • Water Tight Eyes Open and Close
  • Bright, Tactile Outfit For Doll With Additional Outfits Available
  • Many Baby Care Accessories Are Available
  • Perfect For Small Hands


  • Not a Realistic-Look Baby
  • May Be Too Small For Older Children


  • Suggested Retail is $35.99. For 18 months old and up.
  • The Corolle Tidoo Sorbet Bath Baby is a good choice for a first baby doll.
  • Excellent for bath time play. Eyes are internally sealed and doll has water-repelling fabric for torso.
  • Many outfits are available separately.
  • Baby play accessories that are available separately include a baby stroller, playpen, baby carrier and baby care set.
  • Included binkie fits in mouth of doll. Plastic toy bath duck (doll-sized) is also included.
  • Clothing closes with velcro for easy handling by little hands.
  • Doll and outfit are machine washable.
  • Other Corolle Tidoo Bath Babies come in different outfits.
  • Doll has a vinyl head, sleep eyes, and a cloth torso with vinyl lower arms and legs. Doll is 12" long.

Guide Review - Corolle Tidoo Sorbet Bath Baby Doll

Corolle is known for making high-quality baby dolls. They are very knowledgeable about what it takes to make a doll that encourages imaginative play in children, and you can see that at work in the Corolle Tidoo Sorbet Bath Baby Doll and the wonderful accoutrements that are available separately for her.

For instance, most baby children want to give their baby dolls a bath, and most baby dolls aren't particularly well-suited to taking a bath--water gets trapped in their bodies or behind their eyes, and over time the baby doll smells or turns color. Or, the cloth torso on a baby doll dries too slowly after bath play (leading to mildew). Not the Tidoo Sorbet--she is specially made for taking a bath, with eyes that are specially sealed internally and a cloth body made with special fabric that repels water and helps the doll float in the bath tub!

Also great for play are the adorable, brightly colored clothing (with more outfits for sleep, play and special occasions) available separately, and the perfectly-sized for Mon Premier dolls baby accessories, also available separately and which include a play pen, stroller, baby care set, baby carrier and even a baby bath tub!

As mentioned, this doll is perfectly sized for tiny hands. However, if you are buying a doll for an older child from about 8 to 10 years old, you might consider a larger Corolle baby doll, or one of the more realistic "life sized" baby dolls from another manufacturer. The Tidoo dolls might be too small for older girls, and the dolls also have minimal face and hair painting (no hair painted on the doll being reviewed at all).

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