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eBay Live! Recap and Photo Gallery


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eBay Live! Recap and Photo Gallery
eBay Live! Recap and Photo Gallery

eBay Live! Conference Center

Denise Van Patten

At The Center of eBay Live!: The Solutions Center Expo Hall

eBay Live! was an incredible experience for me, as a doll collector who has been involved with eBay since 1996, and as an active eBay seller and buyer. It was an extremely well-run conference, and inspiring, too--I actually forgot my gripes with eBay during the conference, and the conference also gave me great hope that eBay is working very hard to fix some of the most common complaints (such as providing more customer service).

The main center of the conference was in the San Jose Convention Center--here, attendees could register, receive their ribbons (more about these later), take many classes, get refreshments, and roam the Solutions Center Expo Hall which provided over 160 independent companies providing services to eBay buyers and sellers, as well as many booths from various eBay departments. There was also an eBay shop, a PowerSellers Lounge, pin collecting and much more.

There were over 160 seminars, discussions and computer labs taught for all levels of eBay buyer and seller (although most were geared toward sellers). In between classes, most people would roam the Solutions Center and visit the booths of over 120 separate vendors and the various booths from eBay departments and services. In the evening, various activities were planned including a barbecue at Paramount's Great America and a gala and concert featuring the B52s. there wasn't a spare moment for the three days of the conference!

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