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All-Bisque Kewpie Doll

Classic antique Kewpie doll, designed by Rose O'Neill


This is a Kewpie Doll made of bisque.
All-Bisque Kewpie Doll

All-Bisque Kewpie Doll

Denise Van Patten

  • Value: $200 to $250 due to size; less for smaller ones
  • Size: 6.5 inches
  • Date of Production: 1912 and later
  • Marks: Sometimes a paper label; this doll is marked "O'Neill" on bottom of feet.

Characteristics of Doll

This is an antique all-bisque Kewpie doll, designed by Rose O'Neill and made in Germany. Kewpies come in a great variety of sizes. This Kewpie is all-bisque. One piece head/torso legs with arms jointed at shoulders. Painted, side-glancing eyes. Manufactured originally by Borgfeldt, later by Jospeh kallus and by Jesco in the 1980s, plus many other companies. Kewpies are made of many materials. Dolls have small blue "wings."


There are many Kewpie "competitors--all-bisques that resemble Kewpies. There are Kewpie knock-offs made in Japan.

Market Report

great thing about Kewpies is that everyone loves them, and nearly every antique doll collector wants at least one in their collection, so in spite of being a very common doll, Kewpies are always desirable. Kewpies in action poses, or in molded clothing, can be worth MUCH mores, with rarities in excellent condition bringing several thousand dollars at auction.

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