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New World Record Price For Doll Set At Theriault's Auction - $263,000

Albert Marque Doll from 1914 Sets Record at Atlanta Auction


Albert Marque Doll Sets Auction Record

Albert Marque Doll Sets Auction Record

At the Theriault's auction held in conjunction with the United Federation of Doll Clubs national convention in Atlanta on July 12, a French antique doll sold at a world record auction price of $263,000. Created in 1914 by Albert Marque, the doll drew heated worldwide bidding and was won by a collector from Boston who was in attendance at the auction. The old record had been set in 2003 (also for an Albert Marque doll) and was $215,000.

Why the Albert Marque Set the Record

I asked Stuart Holbrook, president of Theriault's, why this particular doll set the world's record price. He said: "The A. Marque has always been a doll of great mystique for collectors. Every collectible category has that "one piece" - the one item, or name, that blends rarity, beauty, and allure; for dolls it is the Marque, and it will perhaps remain so forever." This particular A. Marque had was dressed in period clothing to honor the Ballets Russes of Paris.

Antique Dolls Have Done Well In Spite of the Economy

In spite of the generally down economy, overall, the prices of quality antique dolls have held steady recently. Holbrook remarked: "Quality antique dolls have been very stable over the past 12 months, much of this can be attributed to the fact that they are not as prone to massive fluctuations like one would see in the art market which, during the leaner times, can fall dramatically due to impressive gains during the boom times. Quite simply, dolls have always been underpriced in comparison to other hot collectibles leaving them less susceptible to value drops."

More Good News For Doll Collectors From The Atlanta Theriault's Auctions

For collectors of antique dolls generally, there was more good news from the Theriault Atlanta auctions (three auctions of antique dolls were held in one day). "The event in Atlanta was filled to the brim and standing room only for most of the day. Virtually all of the dolls achieved prices that were within, or far exceeded estimates. There was a great feeling throughout the day as well, with a healthy blend of enthusiasm and the always charming nervous anticipation that collectors have before an auction that offers such an amazing choice of dolls. Three auctions in one day meant a long event, and it was amazing how many collectors hung together until the day was finished a few minutes before midnight" said Holbrook.

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