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Nicki Fleming - American Girl Doll of the Year 2007

Nicki Loves Animals and Lives an Overscheduled Life


Nicki, American Girl of the Year 2007

Nicki, American Girl of the Year 2007

American Girl, L.L.C.
American Girls LLC has just announced Nicki as their American Girl Doll of the Year. Nicki "helps others in ways big and small." She is a freckled doll with brown hair and blue eyes, and a penchant for Western wear, since she lives on a Colorado ranch.

How Many Tasks Can Nicki Juggle?

Nicki is 10 years old, she loves animals, rides horses and skis and is "compassionate, dependable and very busy!" Since so many of today's children are overscheduled today, I think Nicki does reflect them well. In fact, the American Girl catalog that introduced Nicki this month emphasizes this - it points out that when Nicki is asked to train a new puppy called Sprocket (also available for sale), Nicki " must decide how many tasks she can juggle...and which are most important."

Sprocket, Horse, Child-Sized Nicki Clothing Also Available

Nicki with her book retails for $87.99. Of course, you can buy her pup Sprocket separately ($24). Nicki also has a ranch outfit, gala outfit, straw hat, top and shorts available. Her accessories include Jackson the Horse (not the first American Girl horse--Kaya also has one) and Jackson's Tack box. You can even buy matching clothing for girls in sizes from 6 to 16 (Eyelet Western blouse, Western Wrap skirt, Western Horse Tee and Western Hat).

Nicki Reflects Girls of Today

Personally, I'm very enthusiastic about Nicki since she reminds me so much of my own daughter. We live in a rural area, and my daughter has several pets and skis. She has begged for a horse for years but we've drawn the line there because she is too busy! All of the American Girl Dolls of the Year have reflected current themes of today's childhood and culture, and Nicki is no exception. Nicki's companion book.

American Girl Dolls Has Produced Limited Edition Girl Of The Year Dolls Since 2001

Every year in January since 2001 American Girl Dolls announces an American Girl of the Year. The doll is only available until December 31st of the year it is announced, or until it sells out, whichever comes first. Last year's doll was Jess, an American of Japanese and Irish ancestry living in Belize. For information on Jess and some of the other earlier American Girl Dolls of the Year, read Jess: The 2006 Girl of the Year American Girl Is Made For Adventure.

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