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Doll Collecting - By Category

Antique Dolls 1800s-1920s
Everything from the earliest Queen Annes to the French and German bisques to early composition dolls. Bru, Jumeau, Kestner, Simon & Halbig, chinda dolls, wax, wood, all-bisques, french fashion dolls and more. From history to identification to collecting, you'll find it all here.

Dolls By Type: Plus Doll Profiles and Dolls by Material
Our Doll Encyclopedia has profiles of dolls, plus articles, history, links and information organized by type of doll--bisque, china, cloth, composition, ethnic, hard plastic, vinyl, wood and wax. The material that your doll is made of is determined by the head of the doll.

Dolls 1930s-1950s
Explore composition, celluloid and hard plastic dolls and all your favorites from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Shirley Temple, Patsy, Madame Alexander, Nancy Ann Storybook, American Character, Ideal, Arranbee, Vogue dolls and many others. From history to identification to collecting, you'll find it all here.

Dolls 1960s-1970s
Beyond Barbie dolls--Liddle Kiddles, Dawn, Tammy, Crissy, Patti Playpal, Tressy, Penny Brite, Chatty Cathy, Blythe, and more--all of your favorite and groovy dolls from the 1960s and 1970s. From history to identification to collecting, you'll find it all here.

Collectible Dolls 1980s-now
Find out about dolls from the modern collectible era--from the Cabbage Patch Craze to the incredible artist dolls--all your favorites including Lee Middleton, Annette Himstedt, Hildegard Gunzel, Marie Osmond, Robert Tonner, Wendy Lawton, Helen Kish, Jan McLean and more in porcelain, vinyl and other materials.

Barbie - Modern
The plastic princess in all her glory. All about Barbie dolls from the late-1970s onward, including the play line Barbies and the popular collector and limited edition Barbie dolls.

Barbie - Vintage
The classic Barbie doll--vintage Barbie from early 1960s through the mod era. Ponytails, American Girls, Twist and Turns, Malibus. This is the Barbie of the golden era--innovative dolls and the most detailed fashion wardrobe ever made for a doll.

Doll Collecting Guide: Information for Doll Collectors
Everything you need to know to collect dolls. All about buying and finding dolls, auctions, restoration and repair, doll clubs, conventions, events, books, magazines, organizing your collection, doll photography, and the hobby of doll collecting in general.

Price Guides
What's my doll worth? How do I identify my doll? You'll find our Dolls Price Guide plus other useful price guides to dolls plus answers to your doll value and identification questions here.

Dolls for Children and Play: Bratz, American Girl, More
Dolls for children and the child in everyone--Barbie dolls for play, American Girl, Bratz, Groovy Girls, baby dolls and others. Play with your dolls, or find play dolls for the children in your life.

Fashion Dolls, Non-Barbie
Fashion Dolls and their fabulous fashions and accessories. Tyler Wentworth, Kitty Collier, Tiny Kitty, Gene, Willow and Daisy, Brenda Starr, Alex, Candi, Tammy, Takara Jenny, Dawn, Jill, Miss Revlon. From vintage darlings to the new hot dolls and repaints,you'll find them all here! Expand your horizon past Barbie.

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls are a favorite play doll for children, and now they are catching on with doll collectors, too! Find out why, and learn about some favorites--baby dolls by Lee Middleton, Ashton Drake (Emily) Berenguer, Madame Alexander, Adora and others. Also explore the world of the reborn baby doll.

Paper Dolls
Paper dolls are flat, they're ephemeral, and they are as varied in form and history as are three-dimensional dolls. You'll find some of the best free, printable paper dolls here!

Free Doll and Vintage Art
Art of dolls, vintage dolls and clip art for all your doll and victorian projects! Dolls, Victoriana, children, animals, holidays and more. One of the best selections of free doll-related art on the Inernet.

Metal heads, metal dolls, metal doll parts, mechanical dolls
Talks about dolls with metal heads, metal parts, mechanical parts, all metal dolls, and automatons.

metal heads
Dolls with metal heads, metal parts, mechanical arts.

Quick Guides
Alphabets, Glossaries, Definitions

More quick information for all collectors.
Part II of the Doller's calendar is meant to inspire doll collecting activities throughout the year for collectors young and old.

GI Joe Turns 50
This article is about the famous doll, billed the first action figure, and geared towards little boys.

Black Dolls and African Dolls
Information about Black dolls, African Dolls and African American Doll Artists.

Porcelain OOAK Dolls
Restored, Recreated, Reborn, Upcycled original artist dolls.

Ornaments and Dolls
Dolls and decorations in doll form created to celebrate holidays

Japanese Doll Festival
Girls and Boys festivals and overview of Japanese Dolls

Greek Dolls
 Dolls from Greece were among the earliest play things. The Benaki Museum and other collections of Greek Dolls and toys influence dolls from every era.

The First Dolls
 The Venus figures found in Austria and elsewhere in Europe are the earliest dolls, according to curator Max von Boehn in his seminal work, "Dolls", thereby making dolls among the oldest cultural artifacts.

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