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Vintage Barbie Restore and Customize
Guide picks
Vintage Barbie Dolls restoration, customization and repair: all you need to know aobut fixing up vintage Barbie dolls to make them look like new!

Special Tips For Restoration of Barbie Dolls
An entire course on how to restore and repair vintage Barbie dolls--how to style hair, fix splits, repaint, fix limbs, and much more! From your About.com Guide.

How To Remove Green Ear on a Vintage Barbie Doll
A step-by-step instruction guide for removing green ear from a vintage Barbie. From your About.com Guide.

Ann Meili - The Reroot Queen
Ann is an expert rerooter. Enjoy her photos, or hire her to reroot your doll.

Customizing Tips
From Karen Cooper, extensive how-tos for customizing your dolls.

The Doll Doctor
Great, informative site with information on how to deal with bad hair days, split necks, and other Barbie® problems and customization; also pink-box problems.

I TALK!!! Professional Voice Unit Restoration on Mattel Talking Dolls and Toys
Most of the old Barbie® talkers can't talk anymore.  Start here for Talking Barbie® repairs.

Krista's Doll Restoration
Krista is well-known for her restorations, and her site is full of information, tips, and before and after photos.

Jennifer Jones Doll Restorations
Huge number of excellent before and after photos of Barbie restoration work. 

Jennifer Jones Reroots
Shows off rerooting as an art.  

MaryAnn Roy Vintage Restorations
Don't miss the "before" and "after" shots

Modfreak's Mod World
Teri Gallagher restores Mod and Vintage dolls. Her page lists prices, and services available.

Vintage restoration, including nose nip repair.

Polar Bear Doll & Toy ER
A fascinating site; lots of information on how to restore Barbies.    Side-Scrolling.

Rescued Dolls Who Live in Angela's World
Angela can see beneath the dirt and grime to the lovely doll that waits beneath. Read about her success stories.

TwinPines of Maine
Products for restoring Barbie, for green ear, dirt, markers, stickiness, etc.

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