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Dolls Price Guide: Doll Values and Information on Dolls.
Dolls Price Guide to help you identify and value your dolls, antique to modern. Includes Barbies, Madame Alexanders, Ginny and much more. REVISED 2011.
Doll Price Guides and Doll Values - Doll Collecting
What's my doll worth? How do I identify my doll? You'll find our Dolls Price Guide plus other useful price guides to dolls plus answers to your doll value and ...
How To Value Your Doll - Doll Collecting - About.com
The 16th Blue Book of Dolls by Jan Foulke and Doll Values by Patsy Moyer are good starting places to determine "book value" of your doll. If you have a Barbie,  ...
Buying and Selling Dolls: Values, Reviews and More - Doll Collecting
Information on buying and selling dolls, including doll prices and doll values, doll reviews, and buying and selling dolls on eBay.
What is the Value of a Doll? - Doll Collecting - About.com
In the not-too-distant past, doll values were easily agreed upon. Doll price guides basically set the market, and with most sales taking place through dealers and ...
Dolls Price Guide: Text Index of all dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
Prices are given in a range of values--low end of the range for dolls with flaws, high end of the range for mint dolls. Use the guide for identification of dolls or ...
Dolls Price Guide: Prices and Information on dolls, antique to modern
Unlike printed books on doll values, this Dolls Price Guide will more heavily weigh internet prices at online auctions such as eBay and Amazon.com. Prices from ...
Vintage Barbie Dolls - Identfication and Price Guides - Doll Collecting
Vintage Barbie -Identfication and Prices. Guides to help you identify your vintage Barbie dolls, plus price guides for vintage dolls, clothing and accessories.
Dolls Price Guide - Barbie as Dorothy From the Wizard of Oz
PRICE: $30 to $50 Doll is readily available, and is part of a set of 5 including Glinda, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man. Set is good value for ...
Dolls Price Guide: Chatty Cathy - Doll Collecting - About.com
MARKET REPORT: Chatty Cathy dolls in mint condition have maintained their value; average dolls have increased in value slightly over the past 5 years.
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