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Dolls Price Guide: Doll Values and Information on Dolls.
Dolls Price Guide to help you identify and value your dolls, antique to modern. Includes Barbies, Madame Alexanders, Ginny and much more. REVISED 2011.
How To Value Your Doll - Doll Collecting - About.com
The closing auction prices give you a fair idea of market value. Dolls often sell for more than online auction prices at doll shops, auction houses and doll shows, ...
Doll Price Guides and Doll Values - Doll Collecting - About.com
What's my doll worth? How do I identify my doll? You'll find our Dolls Price Guide plus other useful price guides to dolls plus answers to your doll value and ...
Buying and Selling Dolls: Values, Reviews and More - Doll Collecting
We'll make sure you have the information you need to sell your dolls at the proper venue and we'll help you get the best prices. What Is The Value of a Doll?
Dolls Price Guide: Prices and Information on dolls, antique to modern
DOLL COLLECTOR PRICE GUIDE. This Guide will help you identify and value your dolls--start here when you have an identification or valuation question.
Kewpie Dolls Price Guide and Photo Gallery - Doll Collecting
This Kewpie Dolls Price Guide and Photo Gallery presents Kewpie dolls from the first Rose O'Neill antique bisque Kewpies all the way through to the modern ...
Antique Dolls 1800s-1920s - Doll Collecting - About.com
What types of damage can occur on an antique bisque doll? Which types of damage are more serious, and can they affect the value of an antique bisque doll ?
Vintage Barbie Dolls - Identfication and Price Guides - Doll Collecting
Guides to help you identify your vintage Barbie dolls, plus price guides for vintage dolls, clothing and accessories.
Doll House and Miniature Value Guides - Collectibles - About.com
Take a peek into the tiny world of miniatures. The pieces may be small, but the prices can be big. Although many of these pieces are for the serious collector, ...
1966 Barbie Dolls: Trash or Treasure? - Doll Collecting - About.com
Sorting Out What The "1966" Mark on a BarbieŽ Doll Actually MEANS. .... the dolls may have value to a collector, depending on which Barbie model the doll is.
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