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Chatty Cathy Dolls - An Introduction - Doll Collecting - About.com
Chatty Cathy Dolls - An Introduction: Mattel was well-known for their talking toys and doll in the 1960s, and Chatty Cathy was the doll that started it all for them.
Dolls Price Guide: Chatty Cathy - Doll Collecting - About.com
Chatty Cathy in the Dolls Price Guide.: chatty cathy dolls chatty cathy doll vogue dolls rare variations mattel inc.
Chatty Cathy Doll - Chatty Cathy Talking Doll by Mattel
Chatty Cathy is a landmark talking doll produced by Mattel for the baby boomer generation. On the market from 1960-1964, Chatty was the inspiration for many ...
Dolls from the 1960s-1970s - Doll Collecting - About.com
Beyond Barbie dolls--Liddle Kiddles, Dawn, Tammy, Crissy, Patti Playpal, Tressy, Penny Brite, Chatty Cathy, Blythe, and more--all of your favorite and groovy ...
Hot Holiday Dolls from the 1999 Christmas Season - Doll Collecting
The hot holiday dolls from 1999 included Barbie, Eloise, Chatty Cathy, and Madeline.
1960s Dolls Price Guide - Doll Collecting - About.com
Chatty Cathy by Mattel - (c) Denise Van Patten. Chatty Cathy Talking Doll by Mat.. . Chatty Cathy Talking Doll by Mattel. Dawn Dolls - Denise Van Patten.
Top 1960s Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
Chatty Cathy was the perfect embodiment of an old doll trend made new again— the talking doll. Early talking dolls from the early 1900s were terribly expensive ...
A Brief History of Talking Dolls--From Bebe Phonographe to ...
Mattel Talking Dolls Including Chatty Cathy. Most of the talking mechanisms created for bisque and composition dolls were somewhat cumbersome and ...
Dolls From A to Z - Doll Collecting - About.com
Chatty Cathy Dolls · Children's Dolls · China Dolls · Christmas Clip Art · Christmas Ornaments · Cissy Dolls: Book Review · Cleaning Doll Clothes · Clip Art - Doll ...
Exploring Vintage Doll TV Commercials on the Internet
From 1963-1964, the commercial, which runs one minute, shows not only Chatty Cathy but her entire family, including Tiny Chatty Baby, Charmin, Chatty which ...
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