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Wood Dolls - An Introduction to Wood Dolls
Also, most wood dolls must be hand carved since wood does not lend itself to easily molding as does vinyl, bisque materials. Why Make Dolls Out of Wood?:.
A Brief History of Antique Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
Most of the very early dolls were made in England by individual craftsmen who carved the dolls of wood, papmache.jpg (28944 bytes) painted their features, and  ...
A Guide To Doll Materials - Doll Collecting - About.com
Wood dolls are one of the earliest known substances that dolls have been made from. Most wood dolls are carved, and few very early examples exist today.
Make Carved Miniature Rope Mouldings for Dolls ... - Miniatures
It is a useful molding trim for dolls house doors, scale picture frames, and cabinets, and can be easily carved for scales 1:24 and up by adjusting the size of the ...
Finish Sanding Your Carved Miniature Rope Moulding - Miniatures
Steps in sanding a carved miniature rope moulding in dolls house scale.
Illustrated Sequence of Cuts for a Carved Miniature Rope Moulding
Make Carved Miniature Rope Mouldings for Dolls House Trims. By Lesley ... Knife cuts for a dolls house scale miniature rope molding. - Photo copyright 2010  ...
Using Carved Rope Mouldings Along the Edge of Scale Furniture
How to use carved scale rope mouldings along the edge of scale furniture. ... Make Carved Miniature Rope Mouldings for Dolls House Trims. By Lesley ...
Miniature Rope Mouldings On Dollhouse Doors
Small sections of rope moulding can be used to accent panels on dolls house doors. ... Make Carved Miniature Rope Mouldings for Dolls House Trims.
List of Materials Needed to Carve Scale Rope Moldings - Miniatures
Make Carved Miniature Rope Mouldings for Dolls House Trims ... tootpicks and friction tape used to carve miniature rope moldings for dolls house details.
Paper Mache Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
Papier Mache Dolls - An Introduction: Papier (or Paper) Mache dolls were introduced in Germany in the early 1800s. Prior to then, most dolls were carved out of ...
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