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Buying and Selling Dolls: Values, Reviews and More - Doll Collecting
Buying and selling dolls is the heart of doll collecting. Even if you only have a few dolls in your attic, you need to know if you have trash (common play dolls you ...
10 Things You Should Inspect When Buying an Antique Doll
Before you purchase any antique bisque doll, you need to inspect the doll. If you are very new to antique doll collecting, you might not know what you should ...
The Ups and Downs Of Buying Doll Collections - Doll Collecting
Most doll collectors have a wonderful fantasy about doll shop owners and doll dealers who frequently get the chance to buy dolls from the general public.
What to Know Before You Buy Porcelain Dolls - Doll Collecting
However, there are many manufacturers today who make porcelain dolls for collectors and also to decorate and enhance homes. Buying modern porcelain dolls ...
Buying Damaged Antique Dolls: Is It Ever a Good Idea?
A look at whether or not you should ever consider buying a damaged antique doll .
Buying and Selling Dolls Online - How To Protect Yourself
Tips for buying or selling dolls on eBay and other online auctions.
Before You Buy Baby Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
You might think, "what could be easier than buying a baby doll? They are soft, cuddly and cute--one just grabs your heart and that's it!" Well, that is true to an ...
Before You Buy Modern Barbie Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
You might think that it is easy to buy a Barbie doll, especially a modern Barbie Doll. You run down to the local Toys 'R Us, you go to the Barbie aisle, you pick up  ...
Top 10 Things To Consider When You Buy a Collectible Play Doll
When you buy a collectible play doll for your child, there are more things to consider than when you buy a $9.99 play doll for your child. You want the doll to be ...
The Emotional Aspects of Buying and Selling Dolls - Doll Collecting
Since I'm the resident "doll lady" in my town, I am often asked to buy dolls or doll collections from people. Some people bring the dolls into my store, but others ...
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