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Buying and Selling Dolls: Values, Reviews and More - Doll Collecting
Buying and selling dolls is the heart of doll collecting. Even if you only have a few dolls in your attic, you need to know if you have trash (common play dolls you ...
Buying Damaged Antique Dolls: Is It Ever a Good Idea?
For vintage and modern dolls, I don't advise buying damaged dolls, since generally you can find undamaged dolls at affordable prices. But, for antique dolls, ...
The Emotional Aspects of Buying and Selling Dolls - Doll Collecting
Buying and selling dolls is not like buying and selling widgets--here's why.
Doll Collecting - Collecting, Buying and Selling Dolls
All about china dolls, Barbie dolls and collectible dolls. Learn about doll collecting and buying and selling dolls from Ellen Tsagaris.
The Ups and Downs Of Buying Doll Collections - Doll Collecting
Most doll collectors have a wonderful fantasy about doll shop owners and doll dealers who frequently get the chance to buy dolls from the general public.
10 Things You Should Inspect When Buying an Antique Doll
BUT....as a general rule, modern reproductions of antique dolls have bisque as smooth as glass, and antique dolls generally have bisque that is rougher to the ...
Buying and Selling Dolls Online - How To Protect Yourself
Tips for buying or selling dolls on eBay and other online auctions.
Tips for Collecting Antique Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
However, if you are primarily buying your doll for personal enjoyment, and the discount is fair, you can afford rarer examples of dolls for your collection that you  ...
The Garage Sale Hunt - Finding Dolls at Garage Sales
Not only are many garage sale attendees buying dolls, but the people who hold garage sales generally know that dolls have value, and they often sell them to a ...
Reasons to Collect Dolls - Why Do People Collect Dolls?
Through dolls, you can collect the history of fashion, either through buying dolls costumed with clothing from many eras, or buying dolls from those eras and ...
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