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Introduction to Bisque and Porcelain Dolls
Bisque and Porcelain Dolls - An Introduction: Bisque dolls, commonly but incorrectly usually referred to as porcelain dolls, were an innovation in the late 1860s.
10 Things You Should Inspect When Buying an Antique Bisque Doll
Before you purchase any antique bisque doll, you need to inspect the doll. If you are very new to antique doll collecting, you might not know what you should ...
Antique Doll Collecting Terminology and Definitions - Doll Collecting
ALL-BISQUE: Doll, usually quite small (under 8") that is made entirely of bisque parts. Most all-bisque dolls are from the late 1800s and early 1900s, to about ...
Top Five German Antique Doll Brands - Doll Collecting - About.com
In the beginning, Kestner produced wood and papier-mache dolls; then the made china (porcelain) dolls, and finally bisque dolls (commonly called porcelain ...
All-Bisque Kewpie Doll - Doll Collecting - About.com
All-bisque Kewpie doll designed by Rose O'Neill. : antique doll collector vogue dolls madame alex vintage dolls vintage barbie.
Kestner 171 German Bisque Doll - Doll Collecting - About.com
Kestner 171 German bisque doll, circa 1900. : vogue dolls german bisque porcelain teeth bisque doll madame alex.
Top Five French Antique Doll Brands - Doll Collecting - About.com
Before German dollmaking companies such as Armand Marseille and Simon and Halbig ruled the bisque dollmaking world in the late 1800s, French bisque ...
What Type of Damage Can You Find On An Antique Doll?
There are several types of damage that can occur on an antique bisque doll ( generally made in France or Germany around 1850 through 1930). Some types of ...
All-Bisque Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
Definition: Doll, usually quite small (under 8") that is made entirely of bisque parts . Most all-bisque dolls are from the late 1800s and early 1900s, to about 1930.
Tips For Sucessful Doll Restoration - Doll Collecting - About.com
The following tips apply to repair and restoration of many types of dolls, including bisque, leather, and composition. Don't miss the special section on Restoration ...
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