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Susan Wakeen Dolls:  What You Need To Know
A small doll company with a big heart!

Who is Susan Wakeen?

Susan Wakeen is a renown American doll artist, and the co-owner (with her husband) of Susan Wakeen Dolls.  All dolls from the Susan Wakeen doll company are sculpted by Ms. Wakeen, who has been making dolls since 1985.  Ms. Wakeen is especially known for her baby doll sculpts, and she has won numerous industry awards. 

What are the main lines of dolls produced by the Susan Wakeen Company?

Susan Wakeen Dolls currently produces the following lines of dolls:

Signature Collection:  These are the top-of-the line Susan Wakeen 20" baby/toddler dolls.  The dolls are made in vinyl, with beautiful fabrics, and they are aimed at collectors.  For 2002, Susan has released a new version of Natasha (the most popular doll in the Signature Collection last year), with a new eye and hair color (brown) and a new ivory outfit.  For 2002, many of the dolls will come with a special accessory--For example, Angie has a bear and a blanket, and another Signature Collection doll comes with her own rag doll.  Kenny is a doll in the collection this year, named after Susan's own son who turns 3 in February of 2002.  The retail price of the dolls in this collection is from $220 to $275.  Each doll is limited to 750-1250 dolls.  Each year, a special Christmas doll is produced for this line--the doll is usually a sell-out.

Heart to Heart:  These 20" baby and toddler dolls appeal to collectors and children alike.   The dolls are still of a very high quality, but are not quite as expensive or limited as the Signature Collection dolls. The dolls come with the Susan Wakeen heart emblem and they are limited to 1250-1500 pieces each.  These babies have Susan's initials on the back of the neck, and they retail for approximately $169 each.

Mommy Loves Me:  Although collectors love these 20" baby dolls, they are perfect for children as well--the dolls are weighted like a real baby, and most come with an accessory that helps the child interact with the doll--perfect for encouraging play.   "Mommy Loves Me" dolls retail for approximately $110.

8" Dolls:  Susan Wakeen Dolls has an adorable 8" line of dolls. The dolls in the 8" doll collection include the "Days of the Week" dolls and the "Storybook" collection.  There are no new dolls planned for this line in 2002.  The dolls are vinyl, with open and close eyes, and they range from $56 to 75 retail.  They are produced in open editions.

Petite/Baby Wakeen:  These dolls are fun, lower priced items that help introduce new collectors and children to the Susan Wakeen Babies.  These include three, new smaller baby dolls in 2002 which are 13" tall with open and closed eyes.  The dolls come in yellow, pink or blue or a christening outfit.  The dolls retail for $30 to $46.  And, look for the new for 2002 "Basket of Babies" at your local doll shop--small babies that will fit in the palm of your hand for only $10 each!

Eve Fashion Dolls:  The Eve line of fashion dolls were introduced in 2000.  Eve is a "world-famous and glamorous photo journalist."  She is 15 1/2" high, and her wardrobe ranges from elaborate gowns to basic casual wear. Basic dolls (dolls dressed in simple outfits), dressed dolls (dolls in more elaborate outfits), and separate outfits are available for Eve.  Last year, several items from the 2001 Eve line weren't released  (or were produced in limited numbers) due to production problems (including Cassie, see below).  Some of these dolls, such as Boston Bound Eve and Winter Weekend Eve are just reaching stores due to the problems, and others will be more limited than planned because of the production problems--for instance, Reflections will only be an edition of 750, as will Midnight Magic.  Also due to these delays, no new Eve dolls have been planned for 2002 release.   Eve outfits are sold in open editions.  Basic Eve dolls retail for approximately $90; more for dressed dolls.    

Will Cassie, Eve's Friend, Be Produced?

Yes.  Cassie, Eve's new friend will be produced and released in 2002; she was delayed due to the production problems mentioned above.  For a photo of Cassie:  Cassie by Susan Wakeen.

Where can I purchase Susan Wakeen Dolls?  

At your local specialty doll retailer.  The dolls are also sold by many doll retailers online.

The Official Susan Wakeen Dolls Web Site

For the history of Susan Wakeen Dolls, please see Sweet & Simple- The Art of Susan Wakeen, a four-part article by Scott Woods for Doll Reader Magazine.

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