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Vintage Barbie Dolls at Theriault's Auction Weekend
Vintage Barbie Auctions Showcases Many MIB and NRFB Pieces
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Click on any picture on this page to open a larger and better quality image of these" groovy" 1960s dolls!

Vintage Barbie Auction

The Barbie-a Go-Go auction on Sunday, January 6th featured dolls, clothing and other items from Barbie's heyday--1959 to approximately 1972.  Many of the items featured at the auction were mint in their original boxes; other items were NRFB (Never Removed From Box), but certain dolls and outfits were sold out-of-box as well.  Collectors from all over the world took part in the auction, including many collectors who bid by phone and mail.  There was an air of extra excitement at the auction because of a film crew which filmed the auction for an episode of "The Incurable Collector," which will appear on the A & E Television Network sometime this year.

Highlights of the auction included a blond Bild Lilli, the predecessor doll to Barbie, which was made in 1955.  Bild Lilli sold for $4,200 against an estimate of $1,000/$1,500.  A #1 MIB Blonde Barbie sold for $6,000 against an estimate of $4,000-$6,000, a NRFB Here Comes The Groom outfit for Ken sold for $1,650 against a $600/$800 estimate, and a 1966 Midnight/Ruby Red Color Magic Barbie sold, without box, for $1,050. 

Many mod-era (late 1960s/early 1970s) dolls were included in the auction as well--highlights from the mod era included a and a Black Twist and Turn Francie in Box which sold for $1,900 against an estimate of $700/$900 and a Blonde TNT Barbie, NRFB, which sold for $575.  

Below are some additional  prices realized at the Barbie a Go-Go auction.

Additional Prices Realized

Picnic Set NRFB $450
#1 Brunette Barbie MIB  $7,000
Gay Parisienne (no box) $925
#2 Brunette Barbie MIB  $6,250
#3 Brunette Barbie MIB $850
Blond Midge MIB with tag $275
Ken dressed doll, "The Prince," MIB with tag $575
Color Magic Barbie NRFB, Cardboard Box (Scarlet Flame) $1,600
Blonde Standard Barbie MIB $675
Blonde TNT Stacey With Box (red suit) $500
Poodle Parade NRFB $900
Wild Bunch NRFB $600


Some MIB and Vintage Barbie from the 1960s at Auction.  



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Mod Vintage Barbie, NRFB, at Auction.  


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