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Honeysuckle Kologne Liddle Kiddle

DOLL: Honeysuckle Kologne Liddle Kiddle 

SIZE: doll 2", perfume bottle 4 1/2".  

MARKS:  MI on head; "Mattel, Inc. Hong Kong" on back.  ©1967 MATTEL, INC.  MADE IN HONG KONG on base of bottle.


CHARACTERISTICS OF DOLL: The dolls smell like perfume (the effect has worn off on many dolls).  Doll has a removeable posing stand in bottom of bottle.  Doll has painted on white shoes.  

PRICE:  Doll and cologne bottle in mint condition, $35 to $40; $50+ with tag (on online auction sites).  More with cardboard base.  

COMMENTS:  Part of the Kiddle Kologne collection of nine dolls.  Liddle Kiddle dolls prices have escalated recently as Baby Boomers have begun to collect these childhood favorites.  There are many Liddle Kiddle imitators; some are marked HONG KONG on their backs. 

MARKET REPORT:  Liddle Kiddles have maintained their value well over the last 5 years, but the dolls MUST be mint and complete with some accessories to bring top dollar.  Dirty, played with Kiddles that are not complete have minimal value--a few dollars each at best. 

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