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DOLLS PRICE GUIDE:  Sixties and Ideal Dolls


pepper.jpg (36588 bytes)DOLL:  Pepper (Tammy's little sister) by Ideal

SIZE: 9"

MARKS:    c IDEAL TOY CORP. G9-E (on head) and c IDEAL TOY CORP. G-9-W 1 on back (marks for 1963 version)

DATE OF PRODUCTION: 1963 to 1965 (on the left is the 1963 Pepper; other years have other original outfits that the doll was sold with)

PRICE:  $20 to $40 out of box; $40 to $75 mint in box.

COMMENTS: This is fashion doll Tammy's little sister Pepper.  Doll had very nice quality outfits you could  purchse separately.  Hair on doll shown slightly mussed.  

MARKET TREND: For dolls MIB, the trend has been slightly upward from 1999-2003.

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