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DOLLS PRICE GUIDE:  Vintage Barbie Dolls


bubble.jpg (37602 bytes)DOLL:  Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie by Mattel 

SIZE: 11 1/2"

MARKS:  First Bubble Cut, 1961:   Barbie/ Pat's Prend/c MCMLVII/by/Mattel/Inc.

Rest of Bubble Cuts:  Midge T.M. / c 1962/Barbie/c 1958/by/Mattel, Inc. (this is called a "Midge/Barbie" body


CHARACTERISTICS OF DOLL:  Vinyl.  First Barbie not to have hair in a ponytail; the hairstyle was considered quite an "updating: of the doll.  The doll pictured has a somewhat combed out Bubble; a fully mint doll's bubble will be a little tighter. Doll shown with her original box , swimsuit, booklet and shoes.

PRICE:  Doll needing fixing up:  up to $90.00  Mint Doll:  $100 to $150.  Doll Mint In Box: $200 to $300+.

. See sites like Rubylane.com,Dollshopsunited.com, Etsy.com and Ebay.

COMMENTS: Although this doll appers to have a "side part" it is only hair styled that way.  True "side part" bubble are quite rare.  Other rare and sought-after variations are Brown Hair Bubbles (light brown color) and White Ginger Bubbles (pale blonde hair and pale, almost white lips).


PRICE OF OUTFIT: $50 to $75 mint and complete.

COMMENTS: Titian  Bubble Cut dolls are desirable, but not as rare as  dolls with brown hair, called "brownettes," which are quite rare.  

MARKET REPORT: There has been a downward trend in the price of average Bubblecut Barbies, although rarer hair colors (titian, brownettes, white ginger) still do well.  Also, truly mint in box can exceed $300. 

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