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hardps.jpg (26960 bytes)DOLLS:  Duchess and Plastic Molded Arts Hard Plastic Dolls (also other makers)

SIZE: 7" to  8"

MARKS:  none or varies; "Duchess  Doll Corp" "PMA"   "Plastic Molded Arts Corp."  and others

DATE OF PRODUCTION: late 1940s to early 1960s

CHARACTERISTIC OF DOLLS:  Stapled on clothing, sleep eyes; no joints at hip; molded-on shoes often with bow and usually painted white. 

PRICE:  $8 to $15 (some, such as Peter Pan and Wendy higher); also up to $25 to $40 for perfectly mint dolls in original packaging.  

COMMENTS: I have included these dolls here because I get so many requests for values on these dolls!  These dolls are very common and inexpensive and many of them have survived because many were "travel dolls" purchased while traveling.   Others of these dolls were premiums for products.   These dolls are commonly found at antique malls (usually overpriced!).

MARKET TREND: You can barely sell Duchess and PMA plastic dolls from the mid 20th century for anything on eBay in 2003 due to how common they are, and how weak demand is.  Dolls such as this still regularly sell from $8 to $20 at doll shops, shows and antique malls.

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