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"Rita Hayworth" Composition Doll, 1940s

submitted by Wendy Sainato 

Sainatorita.jpg (21277 bytes)Last September, my grandmother passed away in Iowa.  My mother had gone to Iowa to get her so that she could come back to California, where we live, to celebrate Christmas and the Millenium with us.   Unfortunately, before she was able to come back she had a massive stroke and died.   I went back to Iowa to help my mother.  My mother told me that my grandmother had saved her favorite play doll, Rita Hayworth.  She had been laying in an old cabinet all this time.  My mother told me that she did only her very "best" playing with Rita which probably attributes to her still excellent condition.  Rita is 14" tall and all composition.  She is dressed as Carmen and made in the 1940's.  Rita now has a new home in my cabinet in California.

my email address is friendtothefriendless@msn.com
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