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submitted and made by Diane Barsottni; whtrose@sgi.net

Gallery1.jpg (212170 bytes)When I decided to make a Sleeping Beauty doll I wanted to make her with her spinning wheel rather than as a sleeping doll. Every Sleeping Beauty I've seen up to that point was asleep in one way or another.  I wanted something different, and spent a lot of time on the net looking for a spinning wheel proper for a standing doll. I found Apple Hollow Farms on line, and told the
Spinning Wheel Lady my plans.  This was her reply:

Hi, Diane --
Women of that era pre-dated treadle wheels.  What they would have spun on would either have been a great wheel (also called wool or walking wheels), or on a simple drop spindle.  Spinning would have been done standing up, with a wheel as tall as they, a sleeping beauty type of wheel.  I don't think there's much luck of finding a half-size one of those!  No repros of
small sized ones available either.  Now a drop spindle (or handspindle),  that's different. This is actually a small wooden spindle which the spinner would twirl, and the twirling action would twist the wool or silk into yarn. I have a very small version which would be appropriate for the period.  I could also spin up a bit of yarn so it would be authentic.  Realize this is
not exactly what you had in mind, but the chance of finding a half-size  great wheel is quite impossible.

That is when I decided to make her a sitting doll. I did get the drop spindle from her and that is what my doll is holding in the picture. I chose Mandy for this reason, and because of her one-piece head and shoulder plate. With the style of the dress I used, this works well. The doll is Donna Rubert's Mandy doll. The dress was made from Designer Pattern #4 from Vicki's Original Designs. Her wig is Princess, blonde, size 12-13, from Monique wigs.  The rocker I found in a local antique store.

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