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submitted by Pat Duncan, Baton Rouge, LA

GalleryIndi.jpg (10328 bytes)My nephew graduated from college in Texas in May, and there happened to be a doll show that day in a nearby city. Since the graduation was not scheduled to start until mid-afternoon, I was at the show's door when it opened at 10:00 a.m.. While walking down the last aisle I was stopped in my tracks by the most incredible Native American dolls I have ever seen. The dolls are individually sculpted by Kirby Ramos, a member of the Osage Tribe living in Justin, Texas. These dolls come from his soul! When asked, Kirby says each doll is limited to an addition of 100. However, he goes on to explain that it is the concept which is limited to a specific number. Each doll within that concept will have the same general pose and face; but the painting, hair, costume, etc. are different for each doll. In reality, each doll is a one of a kind work of art. Kirby has not been making dolls for very long, so I can only image what his dolls will look like when he has more experience!


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