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Shirley Temple Identification and Price Guide by Suzanne Kraus-Mancuso

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Shirley Temple Price Guide

Shirley Temple Identification and Price Guide

Hobby House Press

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent book for the beginning Shirley Temple collector, but advanced collectors might not find enough here.
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  • Many photos are helpful in identification
  • Especially useful to identify Shirley doll clothes
  • Chronology is excellent.


  • Prices seem high.
  • No information as to how prices were arrived at.


  • Book includes many dolls from composition to vinyl.
  • Book includes chapter on paper Shirley items.
  • Chapter on unusual Shirley items includes everything from Shirley soda to Shirley soap!
  • Historical Shirley Temple Chronology Included.
  • Short chapter on Shirley Temple restoration.

Guide Review - Shirley Temple Identification and Price Guide by Suzanne Kraus-Mancuso

The book has many photos that are essential to doll collectors trying to identify Shirley Temple dolls and collectibles. Especially wonderful are the photos of Shirley clothing, and the section on unusual Shirley items--I didn't know that salt and celluloid figures of Shirley made! However, unlike many collectors today, I want to sit down and read about dolls along with my photos and price information, and I felt that this book could have had more history and background, especially about the Shirley Temple Dolls. My other complaint is that the prices seemed a bit high, and the author did not incude information on how the prices were arrived at. However, over all I am happy to have this book as an addition to my doll collecting library.
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