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Book Review: Famous Couples--Fashion Doll Patterns by Hazel McMahon

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Famous Couples Book

Famous Couples Fashion Doll Patterns

Hobby House Press

The Bottom Line

A must-have book for any collector that sews for their large size fashion dolls, including Gene and Trent, Tyler, Alex, and Brenda Starr.


  • Exceptional Step By Step photos.
  • Covers many historical eras of fashion.
  • Hat and accessory instructions included!


  • None--I can't wait for the next volume!


  • Patterns for male and female dolls.
  • Must-have for lovers of historical fashion.
  • Must-have for customizers of large size fashion dolls.
  • Photos and text for step by step.
  • From Cleopatra and Marc Antony to The Duke and Duchess of Windsor!
  • Star ratings show skill level needed for each pattern.

Guide Review - Book Review: Famous Couples--Fashion Doll Patterns by Hazel McMahon

I can't say enough good things about this book. If you are a collector or customizer of large-size fashion dolls, or just a lover of doll costuming in general, you need this book! Book includes patterns for 20 historical figures including Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Charles II, Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth Bennet, Queen Victoria, the Titanic era and many others. Detailed step by step photos and text guide you every step of the way. and a star rating system will let you know if the pattern is at your skill level or not. Its 160 pages of sewing fun that will keep you busy for hours!

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