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Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine

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Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine

Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine.

FDQ Media

The Bottom Line

FDQ, or Fashion Doll Quarterly, is a welcome additon to the fashion doll scene. Understanding that the image is everything, this magazine has some of the best photography of any doll magazine on the market today. The articles in the magazine could use better presentation and some of the writing is not as strong a the photography, but this is a new magazine and that will probably correct itself in time. Truly, a must for all fashion doll collectors, in spite of the hefty $10 an issue price.


  • Incredible Photography
  • Complete Coverage of Fashion Dolls
  • Book-like Feel; Thick, Premium Paper


  • Expensive at $10 Per Issue
  • Some of the Articles Need Subtitles & More Paragraphs


  • A magazine all about fashion dolls!
  • Exquisite Photography.
  • Suggested retail of $10 per issue.
  • All fashion dolls are covered, modern and vintage.
  • First issue was 120 pages.
  • Limited advertisements (so far).
  • Printed on premium paper.

Guide Review - Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine

This review is of the Premiere Edition of FDQ, Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine. This magazine presents itself in a book-like format. Printed on premium paper, and loaded with full-page photos, patterns, and sketches, the premium price of the magazine ($10) can be justifed by the luxurious presentation and feel of the magazine.

There is something for everyone who collects or admires fashion dolls. Articles in this issue included a look at vintage Dollikins, articulation of modern fashion dolls, patterns and instructions for making hosiery and boots for 11.5" and 16" dolls), and an article on doll photography. There were also several articles focusing on the often-overlooked category of doll accessories.

I liked the way no one doll dominated the magazine--there were articles on Barbie, Fashion Royalty Dolls, Madame Alexander, and many others. And, really, I can't say enough good things about the photography!

In the next few issues, I'm sure that some of the kinks in the writing and presentation of the written material will be worked out. For instance, an article on web site links was a jumbled mess, lacking clear categories and organization, and a few articles were a bit "fillerish," but overall the articles were well-written and imparted good information. But...sometimes its hard to glean the information due to the organization. I was thrilled to find someone finally writing about the Volks dolls, but the information wa a bit buried in an article entitled "Articulate Me."

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