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Back To Basics Alexandra Fairchild Ford Doll

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Back to Basics Alexandra Fairchild Ford

Back To Basics Alex Fashion Doll

Madame Alexander

The Bottom Line

Back To Basics Alexandra Fairchild Ford is a deluxe, totally poseable basic fashion doll from Madame Alexander. You can't go wrong with this very limited doll from one of the leading doll companies in the world.


  • Comes With Wonderful Basic Black Outfit.
  • Unbelievable 18-points of Articulation--Most for Any Current Fashion Doll.
  • Very Limited Edition Of 750 Each Hair Color.


  • More Expensive Than Other Basic Fashion Dolls.
  • Has Large Feet.
  • Knee Jointing Doesn't Allow The Doll To Sit In A Perfect Position.


  • Available in 3 Hair Colors--Brunette, Blonde and Redhead.
  • Sixteen Inches Tall.
  • Separate Outfits Available.
  • 18 Points of Articulation.
  • Outift includes little black dress with zipper, black purse, dramatic black hat and jewelery.
  • Hair of dolls is two-tone
  • Suggested Retail: $118.95.

Guide Review - Back To Basics Alexandra Fairchild Ford Doll

This review is the first in a series of reviews of the "basic" fashion doll in each major large-sized fashion doll line on the market. If you are thinking of starting a large-sized fashion doll collection, but don't know which doll to begin with, these articles can help you decide.

If you've been thinking of getting an Alexandra Fairchild Ford fashion doll but haven't yet, now is the time with the introduction of these fully poseable basic Alex dolls. "Back to Basics" Alex is all about the articulation--18 points--which makes her totally poseable. This Alex even has joints in her wrists and feet!

Besides the great articulation, this Basic doll comes with long, thick hair, and a fun, upscale looking "little black dress outfit) that can be the beginning of the doll's wardrobe.

The current line-up of Alex dolls, including the "Back To Basics" are done in extremely limited quantities, generally no more than 750 dolls in each edition.

The Alex line of dolls has a more "dolly" quality than some of the other dolls, with a slightly larger head (more in the style of the larger "Cissy" dolls than other lines of large fashion dolls. Some collectors like this, other's don't. The Alex line of fashion dolls doesn't offer as many outfits as the Gene or Tyler lines, but the outfits that are offered are high-quality in the Madame Alexander tradition, using fine fabrics, linings, etc.

User Reviews

 3 out of 5
Nice with major but, Member LordEmsworth

I am a huge doll fan. Sometimes I will buy a doll just because I like the face. That led to acquiring a rather extensive doll collection. My Madame Alexander Fashion doll part includes Rising Star Jadde Lee, Cheongsam Jadde Lee, Breakfast at the Breakers and Gigi. Rising Star Jadde Lee wears silk gown lined with silk, something you do not see often. The dolls are no doubt beautiful, with lots of attention to the detail. And here comes the major “but”. Their bodies have a tendency to turn yellow. At this price point this is totally unacceptable. The worst of them is Breakfast at the Breakers. Only her face and arms are still in the original skin tone. Combine that with a non-existent customer service for international customers from Madame Alexander Company and you will understand why my advice is to stay away from the brand.

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