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Book Review: Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers

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Ultimate Doll Makeovers

Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers

Hobby House Press

The Bottom Line

An absolute MUST have for fashion doll makeover artists AND anyone who would like to learn some of the makeover artist's techniques!
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  • Great Step-By Step Photos
  • Tips and Information by Some of the Best Artists


  • Tips in Roundable Format a Bit Confusing


  • Excellent Step-By-Step Photos
  • Comments By Many Fashion Makeover Artists
  • Bios On The Contributing Artists
  • Events, Promotions, Photography, More!

Guide Review - Book Review: Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers

This Is The Fashion Doll Makeover book that beginning (and advanced) makeover artists have been waiting for! Ther book includes how-tos with step-by-step photos on face painting, workign with patterns, sculpting, restoration, eyelashes and hair and so much more! Many of the prior books on this topic have been filled with photos of made-over dolls, and only a few pages of how-tos. Here, in 150 pages, Jim and the other artists share everything! My only criticism, and one that stops the book from getting 5 stars is that I would have liked more text on the step-by-steps and less comments from the artists--that part of the book set-up was a little confusing.
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