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Lee Middleton Dolls Announces Their 2003 Mid-Year Releases

17 New Dolls Announced; Very Limited Editions


Lee Middleton Bath Time Baby Doll

Lee Middleton Bath Time Baby Doll

Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Inc.
Following the trend of most major doll companies to have a mid-year release line, on July 9, Lee Middleton Original Dolls unveiled 17 new Artist Studio(tm) collection baby dolls. "I just have a feeling that there will be something that I just can't resist," remarked one avid collector on the Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Inc. Collector's Club discussion forum.

Much Lower Edition Sizes

Lee Middleton Collector's Club members (and retailers) were allowed to , view the new additions online one day early, on July 8. Due to lower edition sizes, ranging from 500 to 1, 000 dolls per style (as opposed to edition sizes that in the past have usually been about 2,000 dolls), the company expects the new releases to sell out quickly. Collectors should place their pre-orders early with retailers so they are not disappointed.

"We are always looking for ways to create excitement in the industry and among our collectors who seek out the more exclusive dolls with lower editions," says Mark Putinski, Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Inc. Vice President. "Lower edition sizes on these new releases will mean quicker sell outs, and it will bring back the 'thrill of the hunt' in collecting." In addition, while maintaining the same quality in the dolls that collectors have enjoyed for many years, Lee Middleton Original Dolls continues to maintain the reduction in pricing for Artist Studio(tm) collection dolls that was recently announced. The suggested retail prices, which were $188 to $208, are now $125 to $139. Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Inc.

Price Reduction Remains in Place

President Tim Voss says the price reduction is permanent. The Classic Miniatures (little, darling 8-9" dolls which are smaller versions of popular, larger Lee Middleton dolls) are also now sold at a reduced suggested retail price of $49. "These steps were taken in recognition of today's economy and collectors inability to complete all of their desired additions to their collections," says Voss.

New Baby Doll Accessories Also Announced

The 17 new Artist Studio(tm) collection dolls aren't the only new July mid-year releases. Lee Middleton Original Dolls has also expanded its line of doll accessories. For years, many collectors have requested shoes for their baby dolls. Now, Lee Middelton Dolls is providing 9 new shoe styles to choose from, with different looks and colors to match outfits.

Other new accessories include the new baby stroller, car seat, infant seat, wooden cradle, and carriage. All of the new pieces match with pastel Gingham fabrics and white wood. There is even an accessory for Lee Middleton Original Dolls "mommies." The "25 Years of Love" Anniversary Throw is a 68-inch by 50-inch cotton blanket that features a portrait of the Lee Middleton 25th Anniversary baby and 25 roses.

You can see a list of the new Artist Studio dolls--with photos, descriptions and edition numbers--online at www.leemiddleton.com.

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