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Selling Your Dolls on eBay: Tips 6 through 10

How To Get The Highest Prices on eBay


Composition USA Boudoir Doll

Composition 1940s Boudoir Doll in Red, White and Blue

Denise Van Patten
In part one of this article, we discussed the importance of photos, opening bid prices, reserve auctions, attractive listings, and money-back guarantees. Here are five more tips that will help you get the best prices when selling your dolls (or any other item!) on eBay

6. Give a Very Detailed Description

The more information you give bidders, the better. This way, your bidders do not have to leave the condition of your doll to their imagination. When bidders don't have enough information, they will imagine that there are undisclosed flaws to your doll. Its always better to mention flaws, no matter how small, so that bidders are comfortable bidding. Also, complete descriptions will allow your items to come up in more description searches, thereby coming to the attention of more bidders. The reality today is that most eBay auctions are found via search instead of via browsing, so any way you enhance searching is a plus. One caveat--don't drone on and on just for the sake of something to say. Bidders are usually in a hurry, and they may click OFF your overly-long description before deciding to place a bid.

7. Use Your About Me Page

The About Me page is all-important. This is the ONLY way to let bidders know WHO you are, beyond your eBay selling ID. It shows bidders that you are a real person, not some fly-by-night entity. Wouldn't YOU rather bid knowing something about the seller than nothing at all?

8. Be a Great Communicator!

Well, honestly this one won't help you out if you only have one item to sell. Being a great communicator helps you get repeat business. What I mean by being a great communicator is this--answer all e-mail questions about your auction promptly, e-mail your winning bidder promptly, acknowledge payment when received, ship quickly and leave fast feedback. All of this will help you get repeat business. Doll buyers often look for sellers they like and trust, and great communication goes a long way towards building that trust.

9. Don't Clutter Or Put Extraneous Things In Your Auction!

Whatever you do, DON'T put music on your page--nothing turns off the majority of buyers faster. Also, you don't need cartoon characters, pretty moving backgrounds, etc. in your listing--all of this will take away from your auction and increase your auction-page loading time.

10. Craft Your Auction Title Carefully

Finally, as we've mentioned, search has become an all-important way for bidders to find auctions. eBay has become too unwieldy for most bidders to surf all auctions in a category, so instead bidders find auctions by searching. The majority of those searches only search the auction titles--descriptions are only searched when the bidder requests. Therefore, how you describe your doll in the title is essential--you need to include as much information as possible, without getting too cryptic (without using odd abbreviations, etc.) One thing that helps if you can fit it in--if you are running an auction with no reserve, say so in the title! This can attract bidders. If "No Reserve!" doesn't fit in full, try No Res! or even N/R! Most bidders know what that means.

If you follow these tips, you will see your eBay auction prices improve. Good luck!

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