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Writing Doll Books

Thursday April 17, 2014
Chinese Cloisonee Doll with Carved Bone Head, 20th c.This week, our Blog consists of four articles dealing my adventures in writing "With love from Tin lizzie: A History of Metal Heads, Metal Dolls, Mechanical Dolls and Automata." So, You want to Write a Doll Book? begins the memoir. Read more. ..Part II; So, You want to Write a Doll Book? discusses how I decided to write about metal dolls. Read more . . . So, You want to Write a Doll Book Part III talks about my friendship with author Mary Hillier and others who helped me. Read More . . . Part IV So, You want to Write a Doll Book? Keep Reading! addresses some of the pitfalls of doll authorship. Read More . . . Next time, I'll talk about writing "A Bibliography of Doll and Toy Sources" as well as other articles of interest to doll collectors. Happy Doll Collecting!Hinges and Hearts: An Exhibition of Metal Dolls

Doll Collecting Blog Week of April 14th

Saturday April 12, 2014
This week we will read More on Jumeau Dolls and More on Bru dolls. These are articles partly based on my book in progress, "The Cultural History of Dolls." Next, we'll visit the ancient past and read about Pre-Columbian dolls, excerpted from my (With Love From Tin Lizzie . . ." We'll also learn about the Croatian King of Dolls. Last, for those who love the macabre and history, unique dolls called Headless Historicals. Courtesy, Theriault's

Doll Collecting Blog April 7, 2014

Sunday April 6, 2014
Dolls from an Estate Collection, Vintage and ModernFor this week, Vintage Rose is a great general line antique store which includes vintage and antique dolls, furniture, accessories, and childhood items in its inventory. Read more . . . For more doll finding adventures, visit Eagle Estate Brokers Flea Market, aka, EEB Indoor Fleamarket. Read more . . . This weekend, the personal collection of legendary miniaturist and collector Flora Gill Jacobs will be auctioned by Noel Barrett. Read More . . . An A. Marque doll form the Stein am Rhein collection, auctioned by Theriault's, broke the record for an antique doll auction price at $300,000.00. Read More . . . International Harvester Heiress Frances Glessner Lee created Doll Houses of Death to help solve unsolved crimes, especially murders. Read more . . .

Ellen's Doll Collecting Blog March31st-April 4th

Sunday March 30, 2014
Silvestri automaton, collection Ellen M. Tsagaris Time does fly when you are having fun! I am approaching my second month as your guide and loving every keystroke of it! This week, I thought I would mention some of Denise's excellent articles on doll repair and pricing. I also reprise Part I of my piece on doll books on Kindle. More new articles next week! Happy April Fool's Day! Doll Restoration and Repair: Here is part of a series of extensive articles with sources and Bibliographies from the About.com archives. Read more . . Tips for Successful Doll Restoration: Here are tips for restoring dolls, including how to wash their hair. Read more . . . Dolls Price Guide: This is a handy, concise price guide to help you value your dolls. Read more . . . Ellen's Doll Collecting Blog Kindles, and Toys and Bears, Oh My!: Read on for a description of my doll library on Kindle. Read more . . .

Doll Collecting Blog for March 24th

Friday March 21, 2014
March has finally come and is going out like a lamb. This week, we'll circle back to the history of the first dolls, not toys, but ritual figures, idols, and Santos. Read more. Abernathy's is a unique, upcycling boutique that uses doll parts to create jewelry and art. They also sell primitive dolls, local artwork, vintage, and original clothing. Read more. My greatest inspiration when it came to collecting dolls was my mom. You might say, she gave dolls back their innocence when she made, collected, dressed, and restored them for me. Read more. This week, Theriault's will auction the legendary Stein Am Rhein Doll and Toy Museum. Read More. Finally, Pueblo Storytellers are Native American Dolls that have their own following. Here is a review of a premier book on the dolls and their creator, Helen Cordero Read More. Till next week .....!A. Marque by Theriault's

Doll Collecting Blog by Ellen; Week of March 16th

Sunday March 16, 2014
Half doll of china, courtesy Theriault'sHappy St. Patrick's Day! This week, we have a variety of articles for doll lovers. First is a review of the book "Empty Mansions," about the life of Copper Heiress Huguette Clark and the controversy surrounding her will, and extensive $2 million + doll collection. Denise covered the early stages of this story very well, and there also updates on my personal blog, Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog, just Google the title. Read More. Once a billion strong, china heads continue to intrigue doll collectors. Read on for China Heads III which continues their saga. Read more. Dean Koontz's "Intensity" is a novel that features all kinds of dolls. The TV Miniseries used them as props. Read more. Film makers frequently turn to dolls for inspiration. Here is a documentary about dolls and contemporary culture, continuing a series of work by our earlier guide, and featuring one of my research interests. Read More. Paper dolls are a collection category of their own; they are a passion for many, and inspire creativity in those who play with them. Read More. Till next week, Happy Collecting! Thanks for all your emails; I try to answer as many as I can.

An Edited Version of the March 10th Blog

Sunday March 9, 2014
It happens to the best of us; technical difficulties. Here again are the articles for this week's blog. Thanks for your emails, kindness, and patience. Happy Reading! Barbie Gets Girl Scout Badge and Makes Sports Illustrated's Cover addressed the recent controversies surrounding the doll diva. Read more. G.I. Joe Turns 50 details activities surrounding the soldier sometimes romantically linked with Barbie. Read more. Debbie Ritter of Uneek Doll Designs, her Etsy store, creates miniature portraits of historical, literary, and fictional characters that are amazing for their detail and personality. Read more. More about China Dolls traces the history of ceramic figures to the Stone Age. Read more. China Heads II continues the update of previous articles on these highly collectible porcelain poppets. Read more.

Ellen's Doll Collecting Blog Kindles, and Toys and Bears, Oh My!

Wednesday March 5, 2014
Long Face or "Cody Jumeau" Artist's RenditionGreetings once again, and a big thanks for all your emails and comments. Unfortunately, I cannot reply to everyone, but I do my best. Here and answer to my first FAQ re selling doll collections and doll repair. I am not a dealer and only buy dolls for my personal collection or for gifts. I have been involved in some estates, but only as a guest consultant. I do not buy and sell dolls professionally, but Denise has written several wonderful articles which you can find, and which I will try to link to in the newsletter. Also, I only repair minimally my own dolls, and make them for pleasure or gifts. We don't have any doll hospitals in my area, but again, Denise has written wonderful pieces on doll repair and doll hospitals. I f you have Internet, and you do if you can read this :), Google doll hospitals, or the Chili Victorian Doll Hospitals and Museum, Chili, NY, or Google "Doll Castle News Magazine," and ask Mr. Mueller, the editor. Also, some errata, I do apologize a duplicate newsletter automatically went out with my new ones; I will contact tech support. Take care, and Happy Doll Hunting! Kindles and other hand held devices are great ways to collect doll books, fictional and non fiction. In Dolls on Kindle Part I [PS; there is an ad for Doll Repair on this page] and Dolls on Kindle Part II, you may review the large library of books on dolls and toys that I've amassed, and some are Free!! Speaking of books about dolls, here is a humorous look on doll collecting called Review: Creepy A** Dolls [Edited because we are family friendly!], read on for the review. For many of us, getting pelted by large snowflakes, yet again, it is hard to believe spring is around the corner, but it is. Spring is a time to reflect as well a collect. You might be wondering which direction to go with your dolls, or how to organize them. Here is a brief "doll autobiography" of my own doll collection, with some ideas of how you might want to group your dolls: My Three Collections. I didn't mean for this to be a gothic literary theme, but since the weather is a little spooky, here is a piece on how dolls are featured in the novels and films of Anne Rice and Stephen King, King and Rice; Tommyknockers and Interview with the Vampire. Rice was a noted doll collector with her own museum for a time; Denise and I have written about her before. She said some very positive things about how loving dolls was like loving the people of the world who made them. Read "Taltos." Stiches in Time: More on Cloth Dolls celebrates rag dolls, cloth dolls, fiber dolls, and similar types, lovingly stitched and sewn into the personalities we have come to cuddle and love. Finally, as a companion piece to the others, here is a reminder of Dolls in Horror Movies, for cinema buffs and doll buffs alike. Look for dolls and Louisa May Alcott, more Long Gone Dolls, Doll Store Profiles, Book Reviews, Spring Dolls, Doll Reviews!

March 3, 2014 Poems, Movies, Doll-Hunts, Hinamatsuri Festival and More

Sunday March 2, 2014
Dolls and Stuffed Toys from a Big Box StoreOne of the things I enjoy about giving programs on dolls is that many subconscious collectors step out of the curio cabinet and confess their love for dolls. They don't have to have glass cases full of them at home, or museums. They only have to have fond memories of a doll or viewing a doll collection. I have found that men and women, old and young, have memories of toys and dolls to share if given a chance. The last program we did on metal and mechanical dolls involved poets [including me] from local writers; groups reading pieces about dolls, toys, childhood, and play, and audience participation. Each person present contributed a line to the poem linked to here. No one knew what others would write, so it is a spontaneous declaration of the importance dolls play in our lives and the joy that they bring. Read more about "Hinges and Hearts: A Group Poem . . ." This week begins with a celebration of the Japanese Doll Festival, Hinamatsuri Day, aka as The Girls' Day in Japan. There is also a corresponding Boys' Day on May 5th. So, we are celebrating redux with an article on, The Japanese Doll Festival and other celebrations and traditions in Japan that honor dolls. Next, as a tribute to our former guide, is a review of her excellent book "The Official Price Guide to Dolls", which is one of the best and most informative price guides I have ever read. There are good sections on doll marks, lots of photos, a color section, great introductory text and an inspiring bibliography, all there to make us doll scholars of the best sort. Read more . . . Today The Oscars are broadcast, and millions will be glued to their TVs. It seems appropriate to begin on an informal series of posts on dolls in horror movies. There will be other films and books discussed which touch on how dolls are portrayed in the cinema, so here is something for doll lovers, film buffs, and book worms alike. Read more . . . Once again man of us have been inundated with snow. We have to wonder, "Will this endless winter ever end?" At least it's March, and time to think of spring, and cherry blossoms, in the case of the doll festival, and time to think about Doll Shows, Easter baskets, yard sales and more. I saw a couple of signs for yard sales yesterday, and feel hopeful that the weather will soon improve. Ever optimistic, I give you an update of Denise's excellent article on finding dolls, with a challenge to "think outside the doll house" once again and to remember "Dolls are where You Find them," to quote Mary Hillier, of "Dolls and Doll Makers." My Three Collections details one way to organize a large collection; it also tells the evolution of my own doll collection, which began when I was three. Read on for the history of how three dolls led to much more than a hobby. Look for future articles on contemporary dolls, the documentary "Living Dolls," Celtic and Irish Dolls, Ancient Dolls, Finds from a Doll Search, Antiques, and more!! Happy Dolling!

Thanks to Everyone who is Reading my Blogs, Newsletters, and Articles.

Wednesday February 26, 2014
It is a pleasure to write for you, and I thank all of you for your emails. I also have another job as a teacher, so please bear with me and give me a couple of days to answer your emails, but will do my best to answer as many as I can. I love hearing from you and am privileged to be your guide. For this blog, I would like to review Denise Van Patten's wonderful book, "Official Price Guide to Dolls." I was eager to buy this book when I learned Denise was the author, and I have used it and recommended it ever since. I hope she is able to write a second edition one day soon. Read more . . . Next, we all know March 3d is the The Japanese Doll or Hina Matsuri Festival in Japan. This article is a short informative piece with links about this and other Japanese festivals involving dolls. There is also information about other wonderful Japanese dolls, ancient to contemporary. In the spirit of furthering multicultural crafts, here is a review of SIS: Fair Trade Shop which includes wonderful, handmade ethnic dolls. Here is a way to collect dolls and to help the artist who make them. There are many links to folk dolls, ethnic dolls, and other international crafts in this post, and I hope you enjoy it every much. I began my collection at age 3 with two Greek dolls that belonged to my grandmother. Since then, I have kept up my international collection, and have dolls from every continent but Antarctica, but have toy Penguins representing them. George Washington has also inspired international admiration, and his birthday was February 2nd. In his honor, I wrote a piece about dolls by Emma Clear, Debbie Ritter of Uneek Doll Designs, and Effanbee, among others, who have created dolls of George Washington and his family. Washington was also a doting step-father, who bought dolls and toys for his step-children, Patsy and Jack. The Wizard of Oz turns 75 this year; here is a review of a Wizard of Oz Doll Party I attended for American Girl and other 18 inch dolls, held in a gorgeous mansion turned civic center, once the home of Susan Denkmann Hauberg, a noted philanthropist who allegedly still haunts Hauberg Center! Finally, here is a profile about Long Gone Dolls, the inspiration of Etsy artist Teri Long. She brings new definition to the terms "upcycle" and "doll restoration." She transforms unwanted, and to some, uncollectible 80's dolls, into slightly spooky, but completely endearing, works of poupee art!

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